An Author’s Influence

How do you choose what you want to read? What draws you in? The Cover? The summary? Often times, I would find myself falling in love with an author and his or her writing styles that I would continue to keep reading their published works. Have you ever thought about the influence author’s have on their readers? Or better yet, for young adult readers? The ALAN Review offers an article that I recently read that has an insight to just how much authors influence readers.

In elementary school, maybe you were taught a specific way to pick out a book. Maybe they treated library time like a “class” as the article suggests. And maybe you were taught to look at the cover, or read the front page to decide if it would be good enough for you to read. I’ll be honest, I am guilty of doing all of these. Not because I think it’s the right way to do things, but rather because I was taught that that’s how you pick out a good book.

But what about the author? Authors devout their time, skills, knowledge and experiences to create something worth reading. Often times, as readers, we don’t understand where their ideas have come from. Every author has a story. Every author has had experiences that create the stories we love to read. At some point, authors encounter some type of spark for them to write it out for us to read.

Have you ever heard an author speak about his or her writing? I will admit, my first time encountering an author was in college. Her name was Karen Shoemaker. She spoke about the writing process she chooses to use, experiences she’s had, feelings about her novels, and even answered questions for us! This experience was one of the best I could have had with an author. I bought her novel and loved it because I felt like I knew her and knew why she wrote it.

This article suggests that if we encounter the author, we are more likely to have a better reading experience. This makes a lot of sense because our level of connection with the novel rises. It’s that connection that keeps us driving forward through the pages.

But that’s not the only thing this article suggests. Being a “book nerd” I get the opportunity to talk with other “book nerds”. Sharing great book experiences makes me so happy! I love recommending books as well as giving recommendations. That’s exactly what this article suggests. People crave book recommendations. The great thing about an author discussing their books in public places, especially schools, is the fact that they are recommending it for all to read. In this particular moment, they hold a lot of influence on the reader.

Authors are so important. They have a lot to say with a great imagination. It’s important for us, then, to read what they have to say. Readers need to know the author just as much as they know the book.

Happy reading!



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