Reading Aloud

Ten years ago, I never would have thought that in my college career I would miss being read to. It’s a rare case now a days to be read to and I always found it to be the most enjoyable.

When I was a little girl my grandmother, mother, and father all read me stories. Even though they were often the same ones (The Three Little Pigs and Rumplestiltskin) I enjoyed the fact that these people in my life took the time to read to me. It helped me fall asleep, but it also left me engaged in story-telling.

I can still hear my second grade teacher’s Junie B. Jones voice during our reading time. We’d all gather together on the rug and just listen to her.


Photo CC-By Pexels

In high school my English teacher read to me as well. She read just about every story/novel we’d read aloud. I always though it was because she just liked doing it, but now I’m thinking she maybe was on the right track with something.

It’s clear that reading aloud has its advantages. In a recent article I read the author talks about the fact that reading aloud also helps students engage more with the text as well as comprehend much more:

“Students hear word pronunciations and inflections that they might miss in their own reading, and in listening to them, they create mental images.”

Because I wasn’t always the fastest reader in the class, I felt at ease whenever my teachers would read to us. It left time for me to really enjoy the stories without feeling like I needed to rush through. It’s true that students comprehend much more through reading aloud because collectively they stop and discuss certain areas/themes of the text as they go along.

I wish I could have this reading time in my college literature classes today. Granted there’s not enough time, but I just miss being able to stop and discuss topics with my teachers and classmates. One way I incorporate reading aloud in my life now that we don’t have that time in the classroom is through audiobooks. A lot of the novels that I read are really long and I can easily fall off track, but I like to listen to the audiobook because it’s like someone is with you reading.

If you’ve never really been introduced to audiobooks they’re so handy if you enjoy being read to! It’s easy to click play and follow along the page. Often times there are multiple different audio books so you can choose voices that you like! Audiobooks have been a life saver in my college career! GoodReads has a great list of audiobook recommendations!

Lastly, don’t be discouraged if you like being read too. It’s honesty more popular than you think. We’re all still just kids at heart wanting to be read to! So read to your kids, friends, neighbors, and family members! Read aloud every day!

Happy Reading!