YALSA Discovery!

Nope not salsa, YALSA. Even though salsa is really great, YALSA is ten times better. The acronym stands for Young Adult Library Services Associations. I hadn’t yet known about this whole YALSA deal before this week. And then I couldn’t get enough of it after I began digging around on the site! There’s so much that is offered from YALSA, and it’s good stuff.

Book Awards & Booklists

Everyone likes knowing that what they’re going to be reading is something good, right? Well YALSA provides several hyperlinks linking us up to some of the latest and greatest books that have been awarded or nominated for an award! What makes this great is that it’s all right there at the click of a button. No need to go surfing through the web. It’s a great tool if you want a quick resource of book recommendations. I promise if you won’t leave the site without having added at least one book to your TBR list.

I personally clicked on “Best of the Best” and then looked through 2017 picks. I added to my TBR list two novels recommended for this year (2017): The Passion of Dolssa by Julie Berry and Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina.

YALSA Book Finder

To make things even easier on those who are searching for something specific they have recently launched a new thing called a book finder! This is such a useful tool to help readers find books that they will like and connect with. Any person can search by author, award, publication years, genre, etc…


To make things even grander, this site has also established an app that can be downloaded to any smart phone. This way you can have it anywhere at the tap of a finger. I love the fact that it’s quick and easy to use, and OBVIOUSLY easily accessible. No more struggle of going to the library, standing around the shelves, reading back covers, judging books by the cover. Now, you can simply go to the app, type in the name of a book you think you might want, and see if it’s actually something you want to devout your time to. Technology is being used everywhere, and YALSA has just made it super easy for all my fellow book lovers out there.


It’s truly amazing what we have now to help us on our quest to find our favorite books. I love that I was introduced to YALSA this week and there’s so much more to search through. I recommend spending time on this site, I promise you’ll find something worth your while!

Until then, happy reading!



8 thoughts on “YALSA Discovery!

  1. kzlovesreading says:

    I think the APP would be great to use at school. It seems like teens are always on their phones or IPads and it would be so easy to have them click on it to search for books or read information from the blogs or journal. I know that the high school English teacher at my school has students read books online from their phones or computer so I think she would actually use this with her students. I’m going to have to tell her about it.


    • lifewithbooks2017 says:

      I’m not planning on being a teacher, but you make a really great point! Technology in the classroom is beneficial, and YALSA’s APP is just another reason why people should advocate for more technology! Cell phones don’t always have to be about texting and calling now a days, but rather using helpful resources (especially when most students have one now).


  2. rmaydowling says:

    Why is it that everyone seems to caught the salsa thing but me? Anyway I loved the book lists because it allows you to see what books are popular, and obviously fairly good for your students. There is also the app which is great because teens are always on their phones. This is one way to bring books into a world that they are continually being involved with.


  3. sallenyfs says:

    I also liked that they offered an app so my students can access the lists at home in case of reading emergencies. Very dire situations those. But, honestly, I love having the app at hand.


  4. Elisabeth Ellington says:

    I have got to get the app! I didn’t even realize they had one until I was catching up on my students’ blogs this week. I can’t wait to try the book finder. I am constantly finding myself at the library without a list of books to look for, and I think the book finder will help me find books I really want to read and will enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lifewithbooks2017 says:

      I agree! I always think about writing a list, and then I get to the library and just find myself going through the rows looking for a book that interests me, and that’s why I like the idea of the book finder. I did download the app and I like it!


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