It’s Monday! What are you reading?

It’s me again. Here with another book review. The semester is coming to an end, but my time with books is still continuing.


monsterAfrican American author Walter Dean Myers is the famous writer who wrote, Monster. It’s main character is Steve who is sixteen and faces 25 years to life in prison. A bit of a change for a high schooler. As if life during your teen years isn’t hard enough, he is thrown into the system of being judged… literally.

He was called a monster. In a way he deals with this experience by making a film script. Definitely not what I was expecting from this novel and the formatting is odd, too. But it’s an interesting concept. He takes what he likes to cope with what he is going through. Isn’t that what we all do, turn to the things that comfort us in difficult times?

I think that this book speaks truth about our search for our own identity, racism, guilt/innocence, and justice. While not all of us go through the court system, we all go through trials in life and we all need coping mechanisms. I think this is a novel that young adults should read because it does touch upon life and how fast life can change. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary to read, with a good lesson or two!

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

talesJudy Blume, oh I love Judy Blume! This is one of those timeless novels written by her. Categorically it’s shelved by children’s books, middle grade books, and YA. So basically read it whenever you want.

For those of you who have younger siblings, this is a novel that you will probably relate to. See, Peter, has a younger brother Fudge who is three years old. And of course, Peter is forgotten about and all eyes are on Fudge. This makes Peter a “fourth grade nothing”. A bit dramatic, but not really to a kid like Peter. Haha. We walk through life narrated by a fourth grader and it’s pretty entertaining.

Like seriously, I’m twenty years old. I should not have been laughing at this book, but I was. Who knew fourth graders were so funny and entertaining. And if you remember reading this book at some point, read it again, because it will be even better now that you’re older. Not ashamed at all for loving it! HAHA. Plus, what an easy reading compared to the stuff I have been reading, so it was a nice break.

Happy reading, friends!



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