Summer Reading

Me-Before-YouWell I have come to the last week of my sophomore year. Looking back I can say that I have accomplished much more than I thought I was going to do. I shattered my goals and managed to make it out alive. Or at least I think I will make it out alive, bear with me we still have finals week.

I have read a total of 47 books (mostly Y.A.), more than 2,000 pages from 7 different anthologies, several different poems and essays (I didn’t actually count), and 19 critical analysis articles. It has been a wide range of literature, but it has been fun.

But with reading comes a lot of writing. I have written 65 blog posts this semester, 73 journal entries, 13 critical papers and 3 creative works. For the college newspaper, I wrote 4 reviews, 1 opinion, and an editorial.

AND I still managed to have time to spare to hang out with friends (granted we did a lot of homework together) and do fun activities. It all came down to this thing called “time management”. What I’m getting at is, my semesters are full of reading and writing, and now it’s almost summer and I’m ready for a break. It’s not that I’m burned out, I just need to slow it down a little bit to prepare for my next semester. Regroup and breath a little bit.

PresentSo, while I won’t be doing a “book a day” reading challenge. I want to do a “book a week” challenge. This is what is most realistic for my summer life. I am taking one college class and working full time (which usually amounts to over time).

My favorite time to read in the summer is in the mornings, outside, with my coffee. Is there really anything better than hearing the birds singing, the sunshine rays, and a good book?

And I’m going to challenge myself to do this every morning before I do chores or go to work. I also, want to challenge myself to continue reading outside of my comfort zone, adding more and more diversity.

I have several books that I have found to be rather interesting and have added them to my TBR list and it’s my goal to get them READ this summer. I also have a lot of books that were given to me for Christmas that haven’t been touched yet.

The helpMy list includes:

The Help by Katherine Stockett

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

After You by Jojo Moyes

Room by Emma Donoghue

Saint Anything by Sara Dessen

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist


I’m excited and hopeful that I will have a great reading experience! My goals are set and the books are waiting for me! Time to sit back, drink some coffee, and enjoy summer reading.



4 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. Zane Hesting says:

    I also desire for a “book a week” this summer, and I like the titles you have prepared for yourself. Congrats on the time management skills because that is the key to an organized life, but now it’s summer and you can kick it like you said. Happy reading!

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  2. lizkrohn says:

    Congratulations on being halfway through! By the way, The Help is amazing! I loved the book and loved the movie as well although there were of course differences between the two.


  3. Elisabeth Ellington says:

    I love the book-a-week modification to bookaday. The only reason I can succeed with bookaday is because picture books count! And I try to read 5-6 of those a week…. You’ve selected some terrific books for your summer reading. And I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I was reading your final reflection for the course and seeing the numbers. So many books read, words written. Really amazing! You need to give us all lessons in time management because I know you had many reading-intensive courses this semester. Enjoy your summer reading!


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